Oct 20, 2011

Fall Nail Polish Trends (2011)

Hey beauties! Since Fall is officially here I thought it would be fun to do a post about fall nail polish! I've been loving nail polish lately and it's definitely become one of my new obsessions! I even feel naked when I don't have it on my nails. I didn't always feel that way though. It's funny for me to think that just a few months ago I hated nail polish and wouldn't be caught dead with it on my nails! Anyways, here are the fall trends: For this Fall season, give your bright Summery nail polish colors a rest, stay cool and break out the mauve/purples, earthy/military greens, grays, browns/taupe/nudes, wine/rusty reds, and metallic/navy blues! And anything metallic or shimmery!

*Based on the trends, here are my top fall nail polish picks:

1.) Mauve/Purple: 

Dusky Mauve by BarryM is perfect for fall! It's a shimmery purple color with brown grayish undertones.

CG in the City by China Glaze contains lavender, copper, black and silver glitter on a clear base and is great for layering and looks pretty over any purple color!

 Toff by Butter London is a purple color with dustier brown and rosy pink undertones and is the perfect color to wear to a classy event!

Eve-y on the Eyes by Sephora OPI is a darker purple with a magenta shimmer and is absolutely gorgeous!

2.) Earthy/Military Greens:

Wallis by Butter London is an olive gold shimmery color and is very dark and rich with a green undertone.

West Side Warrior by China Glaze is a camouflage green creme color with an olive undertone and has been all over the run way this fall!

Rags to Riches by Rimmel is a military-esque green with champagne colored shimmer and a gray under tone and a definite must have for Fall!  

Billionaire by Deborah Lippmann is rich, edgy and totally chic! It isn't that sickly green color that many greens often  appear to be, but a totally hip and fashion forward color that totally fits in with the military theme that Fall is having this year.

Peridot by Chanel is a murky greenish gold color with indigo and teal accents. I've never seen anything like this before, it's very unique! If you haven't tried it out already, I would! It's a little pricey, but you won't regret it!

3.) Grays:

Power Clutch by Essie is a rich dark grey color with a hint of green. It's very sophisticated and would be perfect to wear to work or with a weekend outfit.

Graphite by Chanel is a beautiful gun metal gray metallic color with a little bit of shimmer. It's a limited edition polish so pick it up now before it's all gone!

Suzi Takes the Wheel  by OPI is a cool  light gray creme color with a brown undertone. And looks amazing on all skin tones! :)

Faded Putty by Nubar is a off white color with a grey undertone. It's a beautiful color and I just love it's name! And the best part?! It made my skin look tan!

4.) Browns/Taupe/Nudes:

Street Chic by China Glaze is a dark brown mocha creme color with a purple undertone. I absolutely love brown nail polishes, especially during the fall time! They are so elegant and they go with any outfit!

Classic Camel by China Glaze is a light tan/nude creme color with a beautiful golden shimmer. It's one of my must have fall nail polishes and is a very unique color!

Glamour Purse by Essie is a muddy taupe creme color! It's a very cool color and is a great day color!

5.) Wine/Rusty Reds:

A Color to Diner For by OPI is a bright red color with a little bit of pink and gold shimmer. It's elegant and perfect for a night out!

Brick House by Deborah Lippmann is an orange red metallic color and it's name fits it perfectly!

Brownstone by China Glaze is a rusty red creme color with a brown undertone. It's a perfect fall color and has a warm cozy feel to it!

6.) Metallic/Navy Blues: 

Blue Denim by Dior Vernis is an urban blue color. It's very intense and would go perfect with a bold look. It also looks really pretty on tan skin tones!

Night Flight by Nars is a deep cobalt blue with a purple-y blue shimmer. It's such a beautiful color and the shimmer is what makes this polish one of my faves! It reminds me of a starry night! :D

Blue-Topia by Color Club is a deep inky/ jelly blue color. What i love about this color is that it's very dark, but not too dark that it looks black! It's the perfect shade of blue for fall!

*These are just a few of my favorite nail polishes for this Fall! All the colors have a great consistency and are very unique, which is probably why I like them so much! What nail polishes are you guys loving for fall and what do you think of the ones I chose?

                                           XOXO -MGymnastBeauty