Nov 6, 2011

Fall Beauty Trends (2011)

I love the fall time! The classic red lip! Over sized sweaters! Warm colors! And I've been even more excited for some new and fun trends! Here are all of the fall beauty trends I've spotted on the run ways and seen worn by stars!

 Spider Lashes-  layering mascara so that the eye lashes stick together and looked clumped (You either love it or hate! I personally love it! What do you guys think?)

How to get spider lashes: 
1.) Get a volumizing mascara that easily clumps. (Two that are great to use if you're trying to get the spider lash effect is Loreal Original Voluminous and Max Factor False Lash Effect)
2.) Curl your lashes and apply one coat of mascara like you usually would.
3.) Apply a second coat of mascara and this time lightly pat mascara onto your lashes to help get a clumped affect. (Do this until your lashes begin to look spidery and don't brush through your lashes)
4.) For an even more spidery affect, continue to pat the mascara onto your lashes!

 Perfect Flawless skin- giving your skin an airbrushed flawless perfect look 

How to get flawless skin:

1.) Drink more water and less coffee and soda! Keep your skin hydrated and it will naturally feel and look better. (Also, eat more veggies and fruits and get your beauty sleep!!)
2.) Always use a primer on your face before applying make-up.
3.) Next to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes use a concealer. Also, apply the concealer to any redness or blemishes. (My favorite is the Mac select cover up concealer!) 
4.) Use a Foudation that can give you full coverage but feels light on your face and doesn't look and feel cakey. (I recommend the Revlon color stay foundation.)
5.) Apply the foundation with a stippling brush to give your face an airbrushed affect!

 Vampy Lips- Having very bold colored lips, which could range from orange to a deep berry red.

* I love the Revlon Lip stains and the one in Crave definitely gives my lips a vampy look!!

 Nude Make-Up- The affect of wearing no make-up with make-up to give your face a natural and fresh look.

*It's to let your natural beauty shine through ad is one of my favorite trends that seems to be never out of style!

 Various Colored Smokey Eyes- Of coarse the smokey eye is in, but this year it is here with a twist! Many models on the run way were wearing shades of purples, blues and browns for their smokey eye!

What's Your favorite trend? Mine is the flawless skin and spider lashes!!

                                      XOXO -MGymnastBeauty

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  1. I personally love the spiderly lashes look :) xx