Nov 6, 2011

How to: Make your eye liner last all day!

Hey Beauties! Today I thought I'd share this quick tip with you all! I hope it helps! 

Have you ever found your eye liner disappearing/ wiping off of your water line through out the day? Here are some quick and simple steps on how to make your liner last!

What you'll need: 
Cue tips
Pencil, liquid or gel eye liner in carbon black
Mat black eye shadow in carbon black
Angled eye liner brush

How to:
1.) Wipe the cue tip across your water liner to get rid of moisture.
2.) Apply your eye liner like usual to your water line
3.) Dip the angled eye liner brush into the black eye shadow and gently pat it across your water line over your eye liner.

What should I call my quick tip videos? I'd love to hear your guys' ideas!

XOXO -MGymnastBeauty


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  12. Great tutorial! My eyeliner always runs, but not only on the water line also on the lids... I usually use a base before applying it and it stays there the whole day, but with this tutorial now I'll also keep my eyeliner on the water line!
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