Nov 3, 2011

Happy Halloween + Black Swan Inspired Make-up & Costume!

Hey Beauties! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween and got a lot of yummy candy!! This Halloween I  decided to dress up like the Black Swan with the make-up and everything to scare the little kids so I could keep all of my candy to myself and not hand any of it out...just kidding! but I seriously did scare one little girl. Right when I opened the door and she looked up at me she got a frightened look on her face and once I gave her some candy she ran as fast as she could off my porch. Poor thing! I also got a lot of compliments on my make-up and costume and every time I opened the door there was someone freaking out about how realistic my make-up looked! So Halloween was a success! Score one for the beauty guru! :)

Here's a little glimpse at my Halloween day and also a video tutorial on how to do the Black Swan look! I hope you all enjoy! And let me know what you think about my Black Swan make-up and costume! Also, if you guys haven't already, please go check out my You Tube Channel! which has beauty and gymnastics tutorials!

 Here's my pumpkin! I gave it a full beauty make over! And gave it hair and a Ke$ha eye!

I got tons of delicious candy! My favorite is Reese's! What's your guys' favorite candy?

Here's a closeup of the face make-up!

                                  XOXO -MGymnastBeauty

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